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Never select an Insurer based on cost or premium alone! Value for money, excesses, policy wording is more important that saving a few Rands More »

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It is very important to listen to your broker when he recommends a specific cover. Listen to the broker talking about Business Interruption, Indemnity periods, extended covers, and more. It is not a effort to increase premiums. It is doing a thorough job that may mean the difference between survival or failure when disaster strikes. At least make an informed decision! More »

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You have unique insurance needs to fit in with your lifestyle. Whether you cycle or 4x4, we can get the right product for you. More »

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Too many people think the broker with the lowest premium is the best broker! I have a vested interest here, but I would go for personal attention with the size to do the job. Exactly what I offer! More »

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Why does your car insurance increase but the value decreases? How is Insurance like Gambling? More »

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Some people go by car, I prefer my 4x4 on dirt roads, others like pedal bikes and still others prefer a motorbike. Whatever you prefer, I will find the product to suit your unique needs. More »



Welcome to my Shortterm Insurance Website!

The Shortterm Insurance Industry is the back-bone of the economy!  Without Shortterm Insurance our economy would be much smaller and many people would be dirt poor.  Why?  When a fire destroys a huge warehouse, who finances the the rebuilding of the business?  When a heavy object drops from the crane, destroys a wine tank and the wine goes down the drain, who replaces every thing?  Your Shortterm Insurance!  Without Shortterm Insurance both these businesses might have had to close their doors!  And very few individuals would be able to afford the financial loss caused by a car accident or burglary.

The Shortterm Insurance Industry stands between us and financial ruin!  Therefore:

Short-Term Insurance is NOT about the lowest premium, it is about CLAIMING SUCCESSFULLY!  

We can all relate stories about claims that were not paid.  Unfortunately there is always a reason why a claim is not paid.  My purpose with this site (over and above the fact that I hope I can be of assistance in arranging your Short-Term insurance) is to show you what YOU need to do to make every claim a no hassle claim.

 Browse around, and if there is any questions or suggestions, contact me.  Or if you need somebody to look at your insurance to see if you can get better value for money.

I am Piet Maritz, a short-term insurance broker, who work with Primak (Pty) Ltd (An Authorised FSP 5320).

Primak has contracts with many short-term insurance companies, including, but not limited to, SANTAM, Mutual & Federal, Auto & General, Zurich, Renasa, Cyclesure, Etana, One, Garagesure – and many more niche or specialist insurance companies.

The saying goes:  My home is my castle.  I would like you to experience:  my policy is my fortress.